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Customer experience in focus at pop-up stores

Customer experience is more important than ever for the modern brands. Custom software to support the pop-up store means that the customer can get even closer to the brand

Customer experience for modern brands is more important now than ever before. The Pop-up store should not just be somewhere you go to make a purchase of a product.

Our belief is that the Pop-up store concept should be a place where customers can interact with the staff, the brand and their products. It should be a place where the customer really can experience the products and hopefully create an ever lasting loyalty with the brand.

To create this experience we think it's hard to just take any existing off-the-shelf product because each brand is unique and often don't fit into that square.

Because of this we have specialized in building the product together with the brand. To enhance the uniqueness and to cover all of the corner cases to make sure that the pop-up becomes as successful as possible.

There are a million ways to do this but I want to highlight three things that hopefully will show you the possibilities.

Endless Aisle

To have all of your products in stock at the pop-up store can be an impossibility but of course you still want to be able to sell from your entire product catalog.

For products that are not in stock you will be able to collect the payment from the customer at the pop-up, that will place an order on your current order management system. The delivery will be handled seamlessly and the customer could even return the product at the pop-up store.

The possibilities are endless here and the only limitation is often what the brands current infrastructure allows us do to. This will be a direct integration that works the way you want it to do.

The most important thing is that you never miss a sale and a way to start a customers journey with the brand.

Convert a lead to an online sale

Let's face it, sometimes the customer will not buy the product right away. How about sending the cart in an email with a personalized coupon code to be used at the e-commerce platform?

This way you can track the leads from the pop-up store to online sales giving you extremely good insights.

The customer can decide when coming home or a couple of days later to go through with the purchase. Either by going back to the pop-up store, allowing a sales representative to "bring the cart back" or by purchasing online.

Technology for more than just payments

The system is suppose to be more than just a way to accept payments from customers. It's suppose to be at the heart of the pop-up store experience and let the sales staff use it to show the customer all of the products.

Maybe the sales representative will build the product together with the customer right there on the spot? By showing all features and using the system to digitally walk the customer through the experience.

The important thing to take away is that these systems can, and probably should, be much more than just a POS. It's a way to display the brands identity.

These three things are just some made-up potential scenarios but hopefully they have opened your eyes to the endless possibilities by building custom web applications to support pop-up stores for the brands of the future, with customer experience in center.