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Hawkeye - A Digital Mystery Shopper

Hawkeye is an investment by Cous together with Retail United that automatically crawls retailer websites and looking for problems for your brands products.

Cous has, together with Retail United, built the system Hawkeye. Hawkeye is a digital mystery shopper that helps retail brands to keep track of how their products are doing online.

E-commerce is growing fast and consumers are using the web even when they are planning to buy the product in a physical store. This makes the consumer journey as important as the actual product.

Therefore have we together built Hawkeye that will show where in the process that friction arise online, and what to do to eliminate it. Because less friction will most likely result in a happy customer and a purchase.

This is how Andreas Broman, CEO of Retail United says:

Studies show that lots of consumers will switch to a different brand if a product i out of stock. Almost every one (95%) will read product reviews before purchasing. That low product reviews can effect the sales negatively is something that is widely known. But even few, or none, can make the customer insecure which is equal to friction.

The tool can be described as a virtual mystery shopper. Instead o sending out staff to observe stores, Hawkeye will systematically scan retailers websites to report on problems for you products and what can be done to remove the problems.

Watch the video in Swedish below:

An investment by Cous

Hawkeye is an investment by Cous where a lot of the production cost has been taken away for an ownership stake of the system instead.

Do you have a product that you think should be on the market but do not have someone that can build it? Please let us know and maybe we can become partners!