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Husqvarna Pop-up Store

For Husqvarna Pop-up store we built a cloud-based system that handled 9 stores in 3 different countries. The system handled the whole operation and was also able to place an order at a local reseller but capture the payment at the pop-up store.

We have in cooperation with WorkShop The Retail Agency developed an easy to use e-com solution for Husqvarna Pop-up stores in the Nordics.

Husqvarna Pop-up stores are located at bigger malls during high season all around the Nordic countries to inspire consumers with it's wide array of robotic lawn mowers and smart solutions for the yard.

Photo taken by Mattias Hamren on a Pop-up store

Photo taken by Mattias Hamren on a Pop-up store

Husqvarna and their partner WorkShop The Retail Agency wanted to have an easy to use e-com solution to guide the consumers on their products and to help them find the right solution for their backyard as well as being able to safely perform a purchase directly in the Pop-up store.

The system is built kind of as an internal e-commerce that is handled by the sales representatives of the Pop-up store by logging into the system. Once logged in you can add products to a cart and then checkout.

Through unique login by the staff we can easily follow the sales by store and representative through a reporting tool that we developed. This data could easily be exported to WorkShop's analytics software where you connect amount of visitors, activation and purchases to continually evaluate the performance of the Pop-up stores.

The staff was equipped with an iPad that they used to log in to our e-com solution to quick and easy be able to help the customers place orders and to pay for the order either using credit card or by using Resurs Checkout to be able to pay using invoice or part payment.

Some of the assortment like accessories and clothes would the customer get directly from the Pop-up store but the robotic lawn mowers and other tools would generate an order at Husqvarna's local resellers that would take care of delivery and installation.

Ther are some key takeaways from this project that we want to emphasize.

We could charge the customer in the Pop-up store and handle delivery of the product on the backend using local resellers.

Maybe the Pop-up store wont be able to stock all of the brands products but that shouldn't mean that those products can't be sold.

This can be handled in a lot of different ways which is why one of our strengths is that our system are developed together with the brand for 100% flexibility. It could either just send an email with the order to a specific reseller email or we could hook into their system to programatically place the order.

Rules can be setup to handle the clearing of payments so they get deposited to the right account.

Most of the things can be customized to work with the needs of the brand but the important thing to remeber is that your Pop-up store could sell items that are not stocked.

A cloud-based system made the operation so much more easy to manage.

By using a cloud-based web system WorkShop could handle all 9 Pop-up stores in 3 different countries from within one admin panel.

This required no setup time for the Pop-up stores more then to connect their card terminals to the internet and then using their favorit web browser to login to the system.

This also allowed us to have a quick response time when there were any bugs in the software that needed to be fixed. This could be done remotely without any involvment of the staff physically at the Pop-up locations.

This can be scaled to a much higher level and still handle the system from one admin panel either at the office or on the road.