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Air Jordan Digital Scavenger Hunt

Oqium, which is a premium sneaker boutique in Amsterdam, were launching the high heat AJ4 x Off White shoe adn wanted to create something different for this release instead of the usual online raffle.

Sure, you can launch a product through Instagram or pay an influencer to hype your brand, but what if you’re after something more memorable—and more effective?

That was the thinking behind the launch of the Nike Jordan x Off-White collaboration with premium sneaker boutique, Oqium. A highly anticipated launch meant “ordinary” was out of the question...

Partnering with the consumer experience agency, WorkShop, I brought their creative campaign idea to life, handling the full build of a custom digital platform enjoyed by thousands of people.

In July 2021, we placed 125 stickers with a unique code around Amsterdam, allowing anyone who found the stickers to purchase the shoes online. When the campaign went live, thousands of sneakerheads roamed the city, hoping for a chance to claim their new kicks. Using an interactive Google Maps to navigate the city, we showed the real-time status of each sticker—and kept the excitement going.

Launched at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we created an exciting, live experience while observing social distancing guidelines, overcoming a real challenge retail brands faced. After pre-ordering their shoes, fans could reserve their pickup time-slot and show proof of pre-order, all within the app.

Building a Turnkey, Mobile-First Experience

From creating the digital game to developing the ordering process, we built every component to execute WorkShop’s campaign vision, allowing the agency to remain hands-off on the technical side.

Running on a serverless AWS architecture to host thousands of simultaneous players—while driving 90% cost savings over alternative solutions—we kept the launch running perfectly despite massive traffic spikes. Proactively preventing bots and downtime, we led in-depth troubleshooting, security and load testing in the days leading up to the event.

Together, with the project managers, strategists and creatives from WorkShop, our launch day ran flawlessly.

So, how did it go?

Fans called it “the best idea ever” and said they’d “never seen anything like this before”. A few people even accused our team of being “f*cking geniuses”. We’ll take the compliment.

Within just 2.5 hours, all 125 pairs of Nike Jordan x Off-Whites sold out, while driving 30K likes and 1.5K comments, reaching more than 220,000 engaged brand fans. The buzz and engagement continued for days after, leading to future campaigns with excited fans.

Since the successful Air Jordan launch, we’ve partnered with WorkShop on additional projects when clients needed to execute an unforgettable campaign. We’re excited to work with the WorkShop team—and other agencies—on their next big idea.

Want to bring your creative campaign to life—but need the tech side handled?

Whether it’s a retail activation, digital experience, or a complex technical challenge, let’s talk about how I can help execute your campaign.