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Digital solutions from scratch that have never been done before. I'll help you launch fast and within budget so you can try new cool things that differentiates your brand.

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Custom digital solutions created

Below are just a few of the solutions that I've created. Want to know more? Let's connect and set up a meeting.

Air Jordan Digital Scavenger Hunt

How do you make a product launch unforgettable? Take over Amsterdam with a citywide digital scavenger hunt.

Partnering with Oqium, a premium sneaker boutique in Amsterdam, we launched the high heat AJ4 x Off White shoe, bringing a creative campaign to life on a custom digital platform.

Sold out in 2.5 hours
While hundreds of people engaged with an exciting experience, the sneakers sold out. Fast.
30k likes and 1.5k comments
We brought Oqium and Air Jordan to the minds of thousands of people, creating 220,000+ impressions.
Nike Loved The Launch
“This was brilliant. A new, disruptive—in a positive sense—way of releasing sneakers.”

Husqvarna Pop-up store payment system

Husqvarna was going to run pop-up stores for their robotic lawn mowers in 9 different locations and needed a custom build POS-system that was connected to local resellers to handle it all.

Handled 9 Pop-up stores in 3 different countries
The same system handled all Pop-up stores making it a lot easier to extract sales data and other metrics. Connected to local retailers that fulfilled the orders.
Multiple payment methods available
Pay with card, invoice, cash or a bunch of other methods directly at the Pop-up store to get the product delivered to your home. All to increase the sales in the Pop-up store.

Marketing material ordering tool for Nike

When Nike is launcing a new product they need to supply their retailers in Europe with marketing material. Ordering this would before mean a lot of emails, spreadsheets and headaches. With this tool the process got systemized.

Translated to 5 different languages
To make the ordering process a lot more personal the full site is translated into English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
Saves enormous amount of time for every campaign
This system has saved a lot of time for the people handling this process. Not having to manually take the orders and also having an admin system where all orders can be processed during manufacturing.

Retail web crawler

A way for retail brands to track the status of their products at online retailers. We track, in real time, things like price, availability, product description, rating and much more. Think of it as a virtual mystery shopper.

An investment by Cous AB
This project has been created together with Retail United as an investment by Cous AB. Do you have a product that you think is needed in the marketplace but no way to build it yourself? Reach out and we might be partners.

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